F Class

 "F" Class is one of the fastest growing of the target shooting disciplines. Originally developed for shooters who could no longer shoot Target Rifle due to poor eyesight or other physical problems, it has developed into a sport in its own right for shooters who like the technical aspect of rifle shooting and like to be free from tight regulations. Many "F"ers today have never shot Target Rifle. Although primarily shot at long range, most clubs, including the NRA's Imperial Meeting have competitions at the shorter ranges.  

Ibis F Class

Ibis has an enthusiastic band of "F"ers and shoots are run throughout the season, including the Ibis Open and Club Competitions. Depending on numbers we shoot on "F" Class targets, or, if the numbers are down, we join our TR mates on their targets, but with "F" Class white centres to assist aiming.  



 Rifles used in "F" Class range from sporting or target rifles fitted with 'scopes and by-pods, to full-blown custom rifles. There are two disciplines of "F" Class:- Open - which allows any calibre up to 8mm and FTR - for rifles in 308W or 223R shot off a bi-pod. Ibis has a "F" Class rifle for members and newcomers to try.