The Club has roots on Bisley Common back to 1913 when the original premises were purchased by the Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd for £550 (equivalant to near £54,000 in todays money).  For many years the old bungalow with a veranda served as the meeting point for employees of the Prudential, and was run under the auspices of the Ibis Sports Society. In the early 1900 the club could boast of having nearly 1000 members on its books.


The premises were quaint. pleasant but restricted in capacity.  This set no limit on the activities of members and Ibis was a name well to the front in all aspects of target rifle shooting.  Whilst full bore was, and still is, the principle activity the Club had a strong small bore section with ranges at the Company's Head Office in London and at the Ibis Sports ground at Chiswick.


In 1988 the old Bisley premises grew too dilapidated and were replaced with the current bungalow.  A good deal of work was put in by the members and the Club still depends on this input from its members.


In 1991 the Prudential closed down the Ibis Sports Society and the Ibis Rifle Club (1992) was formed as an open Club, responsible for its own finances with the members of the new Club acquiring ownership of the Clubhouse (thanks to various loans made by them).