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Saturday 27July

Posted on 27th July, 2019

Queen’s Prize final 


Peter 295.34


Reg 289.29


winner Glyn Barnett 299.47


we think Peter in top 30

Saturday Queen’s Final

Posted on 27th July, 2019

Peter finished with 295.34


Reg 289.29


Winner was Glynn Barnett 299.47


we think Peter in top 30



Friday 26th July

Posted on 26th July, 2019

Timetable back to normal with Queen's Prize Stage 2 taking place this afternoon.


Hot of the press we have Peter & Reg through to the final stage tomorrow.  Peter carrying forward 149 and Reg 148.  Sadly Bob Shaw was one point and a few V's off the cut but well done regardless.


Big news of the day (or yesterday) besides the news above is our sucess in the special 150 Anniversary match for teams of 4 shooters.  Ibis put together a team (our first team entry of any sort in well over 20 years).  In sweltering conditions yesterday (air temp 36 degrees and ground temperature 46 at about 3pm) we shot 900, 1000, 300, 500 and 600 yards against 36 other teams.  Out of a possible total 1200.240 Ibis finished 2nd overall winning 5 Silver medals with a score 1145.115 narrowly loosing out on 1st place and Gold medals by just 2 V bulls.  Needless to say we were all pleased with that result given the battle against 6 hours out in that heat.


Team was


Reg Roberts Coach

Peter Griggs

Bob Shaw

David Smith

Chris Pawlik


(for those wondering "who is Chris Pawlik?" the match conditions required no more the 2 Class X (Peter & Bob) and at least 1 Class T (Tyro); the other two being Class A/O or T.  We have no Class T in the club at the moment so as this was an open competition with no ties to a club Chris was recruited from the ranks of Kent County young shooters.  Needless to say he did a stering job in his first major team match!).


Full results for that match here.


Just to mention the other days since the last news obviously 3 shot well enough on Queen's Stage 1 to go forward to Stage 2 today.  


Of the 3 members in George's Stage 2 all missed the score needed to reach Stage 3.


Full individual results here.

Monday 22 July

Posted on 22nd July, 2019

Or Tuesday as we know it.


Warming up in both weather and shooting but despite some very threatening clouds Sunday we have all stayed dry for two days.


No outstanding scores Sunday with the best being Reg's 49.07 in the Wimbledon 600 yards; the rest average with the exception of your correspondant with mechnical problems with rear sight crushing his Grand Aggregate for the week.


Only the one shoot today for most being the 1st stage of the St.George's trophy.  Scores now in and teh cut announced for stage 2 with 3 Ibis members going through and claiming an extra free shoot from the NRA:


Bob Shaw 74.05

Dave Smith 73.11

Reg Roberts 73.09


County Short and Long Range competitions taking over the rest of the day so more news after the 1st stage of the Queen's Prize tomorrow.


Latest full scores for members here.

Saturday 20 July 2019

Posted on 20th July, 2019

So we are on 2nd day of the Grand Aggregate (for those easily confused be pleased you are not having to deal with everything being one day earlier this year!).


Thursday (last year's Friday)  a few members shot the warm up matches with our newest recruit Reg Roberts topping the day with a 50.9 in the Admiral Hutton 900 yard shoot.


Friday (last year's Saturday) was a mixed bag weather wise with most members getting wet at some point during the day.  Leading score in the Donegall 300 yards was Reg with 50.06.  Dave was top scoring member in the Conan Doyle 900 yards with 50.06 and Reg again leading the way in the Daily Telegraph 500 yards with 74.12.


Saturday started looking grey and gloomy with some varying winds (and unfortunately for a few one very wet detail late morning).  Cleared up by late afternoon and a lot warmer than past few days but wind become a lot more difficult to read.  Leading scores today: Reg 72.8 in the Daily Telegraph 500 yards and 49.6 in the Duke of Cambridge 900 yards; Bob Shaw 50.5, Peter 50.4 and Dave 50.3 in the Alexandra 600 yard shoot.


Full Scores can be viewed here (for those who have provided them)