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Friday 23rd

Posted on 23rd July, 2021

Queen's Prize Stage 1 just underway.


Bright skies with odd cloud but winds more than twice the strenght of recent days with gusts and angke changes.


Going to be interesting at the longer distances.


Your scribe predicting a lower cut than usual.


Will try and post scores after 500 and at the end.



Thursday 22nd

Posted on 22nd July, 2021

Queen's Prize Stage 1 day today and last chance to make the big one!


The NRA have not published the final results of the Donaldson Memorial final so cant update you on how our 2 shooters ended (but I can say neither was the winner).


Kent County team (ably Captained by our own Peter Griggs) kept up the standard achieved in the mornings short range by also coming second in the long range County match only losing (again) to Surrey by 8 Vs.


We expect the cut for Queen's Stage 2 to be announced around 1700 this evening so I'll try and update you as soon as possible after that.


While not reaching the gourmet standards of previous years we did manage to hold our first evening with some semblance of normality with 12 attending an evening meal and a pleasant social gathering outdoors thanks to the weather at the moment.


This might be the first year where the "daily drip" has not even been mentioned!


STOP PRESS  - 3 Ibis Members through to Stage 2 of HM Queen's Prize on Friday afternoon!


Scores of 102.10 or over qualified


Peter Griggs 102.11

Reg Roberts 104.15

Bob Shaw 103.12


David Smith 100.06

Nick Roberts 98.08

Tom Hembrow 71.02


Congratulations and good luck tomorrow!


Click here for latest full scores




Wednesday 21st

Posted on 21st July, 2021

With the revised format the Grand Aggregate completed on Tuesday.


Today is the County Short and Long range team matches, the 2nd and 3rd stage of St.George's and the Donaldson Memorial final.


Bob Shaw is shooting in the second stage of the St.George's (Peter narrowly missing out on his finish).


Reg and Peter both have an extra shoot in the Donaldson final this evening at 1000 yards.


No perfect scores on Monday and your scribe managed the only clean shoot in the Prince of Wales 600 yards on Tuesday with 75.03 (yes that does read 3 Vs!).


With the Grand ended the final totals and placing can be viewed on the results sheet attached


Star performer was Reg ended up in 66th place.. Well done Reggie.


County Shorts just ended with Surrey winning with a new record score of 1 point dropped out of 800!!  Kent (led by our Shooting Captain Peter came 3rd with 3 points dropped (also a record).


I'll let you all know how Bob gets on later but then its all focus on the 1st Stage of HM Queen's Prize tomorrow for all!



Click Here for results sheet

Sunday 18 July

Posted on 18th July, 2021

Day 2 of the Grand Aggregate. 


A very hot day nut winds a bit more gentle than yesterday but still moving enough to catch the unwary if not watching the mirage


Welcome to Tom who joined us this afternoon.


Stars of the day are Reg and Peter bith scoring 50 in the Duke of Cambridge 900 yards competition (Peter having the honour of shooting with the eventual winner Parag Patel).


We have Reg in 31st place in the Grand after day 2 and Peter just hovering outside the top 50 on V bull count.


Pleased to say that we are maintaining our usual standard in terms of wining and dining.


We all hope to avoid the thunderstorms predicted for tomorrow.


Lates Ibis scores available here

Imperial 2021 - Saturday 17th

Posted on 17th July, 2021

First day of the main Imperial TR meeting and the Grand Aggregate now starts with all of todays competitions included.


David Calgate and Reg are the only ones doing any of yesterdays shoots.


Today David has been joined in the clubhouse by David Smith, Peter Grigss & Nick Roberts. Tom Hembrow should be joining us tomorrow in time for the Monday shoots.


Bob Shaw & Steve Maris also competing but staying their own caravans.


After a fairly cold year of shooting so far we have been having to deal with the much hotter weather (but not quite reaching the extremes of 2 years ago.)


Its good to see that we hava almost returned a normal Imperial Meeting this year with over 700 TR entries and many old friends and familiar faces around the ranges.


Not been able to get all the scores from our members (I'll be chasing people tomorrow) but star of today of the scores recorded is Peter with 50.5 in the Donegall.


More to follow over the next days folks.


To view results to date clikc here