Sunday 18 July

Posted on 18th July, 2021

Day 2 of the Grand Aggregate. 


A very hot day nut winds a bit more gentle than yesterday but still moving enough to catch the unwary if not watching the mirage


Welcome to Tom who joined us this afternoon.


Stars of the day are Reg and Peter bith scoring 50 in the Duke of Cambridge 900 yards competition (Peter having the honour of shooting with the eventual winner Parag Patel).


We have Reg in 31st place in the Grand after day 2 and Peter just hovering outside the top 50 on V bull count.


Pleased to say that we are maintaining our usual standard in terms of wining and dining.


We all hope to avoid the thunderstorms predicted for tomorrow.


Lates Ibis scores available here

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good shooting and best of luck in the Queens tomorrow