Wednesday 21st

Posted on 21st July, 2021

With the revised format the Grand Aggregate completed on Tuesday.


Today is the County Short and Long range team matches, the 2nd and 3rd stage of St.George's and the Donaldson Memorial final.


Bob Shaw is shooting in the second stage of the St.George's (Peter narrowly missing out on his finish).


Reg and Peter both have an extra shoot in the Donaldson final this evening at 1000 yards.


No perfect scores on Monday and your scribe managed the only clean shoot in the Prince of Wales 600 yards on Tuesday with 75.03 (yes that does read 3 Vs!).


With the Grand ended the final totals and placing can be viewed on the results sheet attached


Star performer was Reg ended up in 66th place.. Well done Reggie.


County Shorts just ended with Surrey winning with a new record score of 1 point dropped out of 800!!  Kent (led by our Shooting Captain Peter came 3rd with 3 points dropped (also a record).


I'll let you all know how Bob gets on later but then its all focus on the 1st Stage of HM Queen's Prize tomorrow for all!



Click Here for results sheet

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George's Stage 2 update

Sadly Bob did nit get through so all down to Reg & Peter in the Donaldson at 1800 tonight.

Watch this space.