Thursday 22nd

Posted on 22nd July, 2021

Queen's Prize Stage 1 day today and last chance to make the big one!


The NRA have not published the final results of the Donaldson Memorial final so cant update you on how our 2 shooters ended (but I can say neither was the winner).


Kent County team (ably Captained by our own Peter Griggs) kept up the standard achieved in the mornings short range by also coming second in the long range County match only losing (again) to Surrey by 8 Vs.


We expect the cut for Queen's Stage 2 to be announced around 1700 this evening so I'll try and update you as soon as possible after that.


While not reaching the gourmet standards of previous years we did manage to hold our first evening with some semblance of normality with 12 attending an evening meal and a pleasant social gathering outdoors thanks to the weather at the moment.


This might be the first year where the "daily drip" has not even been mentioned!


STOP PRESS  - 3 Ibis Members through to Stage 2 of HM Queen's Prize on Friday afternoon!


Scores of 102.10 or over qualified


Peter Griggs 102.11

Reg Roberts 104.15

Bob Shaw 103.12


David Smith 100.06

Nick Roberts 98.08

Tom Hembrow 71.02


Congratulations and good luck tomorrow!


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Well done everyone. Good luck to the 3 in Queens II. I hope everyone has enjoyed the Meeting!
Congrats ti Reg, Bob and Peter and good shooting tomorrow and that you get to shoot in the rain on saturday afternoon