Friday 23rd

Posted on 23rd July, 2021

Queen's Prize Stage 1 just underway.


Bright skies with odd cloud but winds more than twice the strenght of recent days with gusts and angke changes.


Going to be interesting at the longer distances.


Your scribe predicting a lower cut than usual.


Will try and post scores after 500 and at the end.



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Comments (6)

Well done Bob. Good shooting tomorrow!
Such bad luck, Peter and Reg just missing out by 1 point
Bob through to final

Scores of 144.16 to qualify

Well done Bob
Reg finished 143.14

Current forecast is 144.14
145.15 for Bob so maybe in with a shout
Peter end with 143
After 500 yards

Peter 4 off
Reg 3 off
Bob 5 off

Winds catching people out

Maybe we even looking at 145 to qualify